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Victoria Falls residents call for upholding of death penalty


Story by Tichaona Kurewa

Residents of Victoria Falls have added their voices to the debate on the Death Penalty Bill, with the majority saying the law must be upheld to ensure that peace continues to prevail in the country.

With the country experiencing a surge in murder cases, residents of Victoria Falls who attended public consultations on the Death Penalty Bill this Thursday want the country to maintain capital punishment.

The residents also want the law to apply to all ages and to both males and females.

One of the residents who attended the bill’s consultations said, “The death penalty must stay. Anyone convicted of murder should be killed as well.”

Another resident said, “Those people who commit heinous crimes such as murder must be hanged. They don’t deserve to be amongst us.”

“The peace currently prevailing in this country is because of the existence of the death penalty in the country, should it be removed Zimbabwe will be like South Africa in terms of murder, so the law must be upheld,” added another.

Another weighed in, “Death penalty instils fear into would-be offenders therefore it must remain part of our laws.”

Others however feel the law must be abolished.

“Everyone must get a chance to reform, a death sentence will not give that chance so, I life imprisonment is okay when someone has been convicted of murder,” said another who held a different opinion.

Another cemented the opinion by saying, “Zimbabwe is largely a Christian society and we believe that an eye for an eye is not the way to go. Those convicted of murder should be given life imprisonment.”

The Ministry of Justice, Legal, and Parliamentary Affairs is going around the country soliciting views from the public on a law that has human rights implications.

The ministry’s director, Ms Netsai Zvakasikwa said, “The high court can sentence someone to death but we cannot execute because we are bound by a moratorium. So, we need to come up with a position as the country and we here in Victoria Falls to gather the publics’ views. After these consultations, we will then compile a report within two weeks after the Easter holidays and hand it over to our principals for consideration.”

Zimbabwe last carried out an execution in 2005.