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Industrialists back Zimbabwe’s private sector-led economy thrust


Story by Stanley James, Business Editor

Captains of industry have described Zimbabwe’s thrust to have a private sector-led economy as key to the growth of firms and restoring viability.

Over the last decade, Zimbabwe’s industry has been reeling under severe production challenges. However, with the coming of the Second Republic, a private sector-led economy is being identified as a key pillar of growth.

The move has created notable achievements since 2018 that include a record high-capacity utilisation of 56,52 per cent in 2021, an 80 per cent growth in local product stock, a rise in import substitution, installation of the latest machinery, production of high-quality products, and revival of exports by manufacturing entities.

There are also expectations of capacity utilisation to reach 70 per cent by year-end as more firms shift attention to solar energy systems.

Dairibord Zimbabwe Holdings finance director Mr Believe Dirorimwe says, “The potential for the industry to grow is there and what is just needed is an adaptation to alternative sources of power to hedge against any shocks. Otherwise, the statistics show the industry is in the right direction in terms of growth.”

Crystal Candy managing director Mr Jimmy Pscillos stated, “For some time it was all about challenges but if you look at the current reforms you can also see for yourself how the industry is defying expectations and being resilient in spite of some shocks.”

“Commitment to production entirely depends on the ability by firms to focus on relevant systems and innovative mechanisms that add value to products and enhance the ability by firms to accrue more profits,” industrialist Dr Abel Mubango noted.

Zimbabwe’s industry is also targeting further increase the country’s local product stock to levels above 80 per cent.