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Artists embrace new revenue platforms

Artists embrace new revenue platforms

Artists embrace new revenue platforms

Story by Patience Nyagato, Arts Reporter

THE rise of technology and new music distribution platforms have given hope to artists who are grappling with copyright infringements and piracy, among other issues.

As the raging war between artists and piracy continues, online music distribution platforms have been cited as the new dawn for creatives who have on several occasions been ripped off their sweat by pirates.

Various artists under the Zimbabwe Council of Copyrights (ZICCO) which is collecting royalties from various alternative platforms on their behalf have embraced exploring new ways of selling their craft.

“Most of the time as artists we die poor because other people reap where they did not sow. I have been registered for months and despite being a budding artist I have seen hope in the platforms they are using because we are getting something out of our work,” said dancehall artist, Ms Erica Sabi.

“I am so happy as a producer I did not get anything from copyrights but this initiative has also included us and we can now get money for what we produce,” said a music producer, Mr Antony Gasane.

The initiative to explore internationally acclaimed revenue streams is aimed at improving the welfare of artists in Zimbabwe.

“Creatives are very important in our society and our goal is to make sure that their welfare improves. The war against piracy is far from ending so it was time we devise ways to support the welfare of artists,” said ZICCO chief executive officer, Mr Tafadzwa Masembura.

“This programme will make sure that even a rising artist gets to earn a living out of their works. This is something that has not been there and the initiative will go a long way in enhancing the work of artists in Zimbabwe,” said ZICCO board member, Mr Tendai Chiraya.

Among some of the revenue streams a musician can explore include royalties, licensing fees, playing live music and corporate endorsements.