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Man loses vehicle to robbers


Story by Fungai Jachi

TWO men who allegedly robbed an unsuspecting taxi driver of his vehicle and cash before dumping him in a bushy area have been denied bail after appearing in court this Monday.

The two allegedly robbed the taxi driver at knife point.

It is alleged that at around 11pm on the 30th of January this year, Phinias Lenin Moyo aged 28 and Edrin Kambarami (34) sought the complainant’s services from Harare CBD to Lochnivar.

Further allegations are that along the way the duo produced knives and threatened to stab the complainant.

They allegedly ordered him to stop the vehicle before demanding cash and other valuables.

The court heard that the pair took control of the vehicle and dumped the complainant at a bushy area in Waterfalls.

The co-accused who were arrested after being positively identified by the complainant were remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the High Court.

Carjacking is considered as a serious offence that attracts a lengthy custodial sentence.

Such cases have been on the increase with passengers and taxi drivers at risk of falling victim to robbers.