Home Local News Vision 2030 possible under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, ZANU PF

Vision 2030 possible under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, ZANU PF

Vision 2030 possible under President Mnangagwa’s leadership, ZANU PF

Story by Yolanda Moyo

ZANU PF Bulawayo province has congratulated President Emmerson Mnangagwa following his re-election into office.

The Province this Friday celebrated President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party’s victory in the recently held general elections.

The victory celebrations were held at the party offices’ Davis Hall in Bulawayo.

Addressing party supporters, ZANU PF Bulawayo Provincial Chairperson, Jabulani Sibanda said President Mnangagwa has proved beyond doubt that he is a capable leader whose vision for national development is clear as contained in the National Development Strategy One.

“We are here to celebrate and congratulate our President Emmerson Mnangagwa. He won the election without any doubt. He won these elections so that he presides over the governance of our country into our sovereignty on the direction of us as a people that we determine our destiny as our policy stands, an enemy to none, a friend to all. This policy is defined by our principle that we build everything that our country needs,” he said.

He further spoke about the importance of President Mnangagwa’s re-election.

“The President has done several projects in the country and as Bulawayo, we are going to have constant water through the Gwayi -Shangani Lake. The Manhize steel project will benefit even Bulawayo as this will boost the NRZ. The steel industry will increase capacity utilisation in the country. Bulawayo will reap hugely from the fundamental foundations being implemented by President Mnangagwa,” said the Provincial chairperson.

Under the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa, various developmental projects have been implemented across the country and these include road rehabilitation, improved power generation, dam construction as well as the construction of health centres and schools.