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Zimbabwe endorses resolutions addressing social injustice facing Palestine


Story by Patience Nyagato

Zimbabwe has endorsed resolutions made by the Zimbabwe Palestine Solidarity Council aimed at restoring human rights and social justice for the people of Palestine at a Special Conference on Palestine held in Harare this Friday.

Sheikh Henry Balakazi from the Supreme Muslim Council of Zimbabwe said, “We are calling upon all governments to acknowledge the divisive nature of the Israel state and to argue for its isolation until it is prepared to dismantle its apartheid infrastructure in favour of the full unconditional independence of the state of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital. Resolve to call for the unconditional removal of illegal economic sanctions against Zimbabwe which amounts to collective punishment of a sovereign people. Countering Israel’s propaganda regarding the forced invention of anti-Semitisism and false claims of historical rights in Palestine. Supporting Palestinian efforts to join international institutions and treaties including full membership of the UN. Creating platforms that allow for promotion and conscientisation of the masses against Israel propaganda.”

Speaking in one voice, ZANU PF Secretary for External Relations, Cde Simbarashe Mbengegwi, the party’s spokesperson, Cde Christopher Mutsvangwa and Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cde Webster Shamu emphasised the country’s steadfast commitment towards the realisation of peace and security by Palestine.

Cde Mumbengegwi said, “Solidarity is an essential ingredient. For us here in Zimbabwe, it is significant because we ourselves are a direct product of solidarity. When in 1963 at the creation of ZANU, we declared our policy of freedom through confrontation, what we actually said was we had decided to have that on the armed struggle to liberation, but at that time we did not have a single and through solidarity, we developed a successful liberation struggle which subdued an enemy.”

“We fully subscribe to those resolutions they capture this moment in the struggle of the people of Palestine. They are another weapon of war to support the people of Palestine that struggle in Palestine daily against apartheid, violence and killings of journalists,” Ambassador Mutsvangwa said.

“As a committee on international affairs we will find ways to work with Palestine and strengthen relations between the two countries,” noted the chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Cde Webster Shamu.

Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Tamer Almassri commended Zimbabwe for its unwavering support of Palestine’s cause.

“These economic sanctions imposed for more than 20 years on the people of Zimbabwe is illegal and we consider it as Palestinians who suffer from occupation every day and we consider it as a kind of collective oppression and we loudly raise our voice to the lifting of these sanctions,” he said.

Civic society, faith leaders and students groups including the Apostolic bishop network, the Zimbabwe Institute of Diplomacy and the Women Writers Support Network are part of the Solidarity Council also added their voices in solidarity with the people of Palestine.