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Zambezi Amazons on drive to grow Beach Volleyball in Zimbabwe


Story by Lawrence Trusida, Sports Editor

ZIMBABWE’S premier beach volleyball club, Zambezi Amazons, is on a drive to grow the sport in Zimbabwe after holding a two-day beach volleyball exhibition at Milton Park Bowling Club in Harare this weekend.

The two-day extravaganza, which is being remodelled into a beach volleyball court, saw male and female teams competing.

This is the first time that clubs in Zimbabwe have been competing in a structured beach volleyball tournament, as previously it has been Nyengeterai Danai Guyo and Vuyiswa Kimberly Dhlomo of Zambezi Amazons who have been competing on the international stage.

However, the club has seen the deficiencies in the country and now making efforts to grow the sport locally.

“We have been competing internationally, but nothing here at home. So if we start competing here, it means that we will be ready for future assignments. We also need to build a strong base here at home,” said Zambezi Amazons Technical Director, Robert Njerere.

The club intends to turn Milton Park Bowling Club into a beach volleyball hub.

“We are turning this facility into a Beach volleyball centre. Already, we have put up one court, by the end of September the next court will be done, as well as other structures like medical that we need to put up here,” he added.

Beach volleyball is a team sport played by two teams of two on a sand court, but the rules are the same as the more popular six-a-side volleyball.