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Media praised for Covid-19 coverage


Story by Memory Chamisa

The media has been applauded for its continued coverage of COVID-19 awareness programmes in the wake of recent reports of new infections.

Leader of Government business in the Senate, Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, who is also the Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, this Thursday, applauded the media for its sustained efforts in educating the public on COVID-19 as the country continues to record new cases.

“Our media has been on it since the pandemic broke out. They have made sure that coverage is consistent people are made aware through newspapers, radio, TV and they complemented government efforts in ensuring that everyone is made aware of the virus. Our President also went all out in procuring vaccines even though we have not reached the herd immunity we are still vaccinating and in schools too we have put an initiative of vaccinations,” she said.

It also emerged that Government is set to implement Performance Appraisals for local authorities to ensure accountability.

“It is not the government’s responsibility to fix roads, collect refuse as it is the mandate of councils, but that has not been the case as misappropriation of funds is at play. However, the government continues to put the interests of its people first as councils have failed. Government has been forced to use devolution funds to fix some of the problems created by councils. Garbage can be seen everyone posing health hazards to members of the public,” said the Deputy Minister of Local Government and Public Works, Honourable Marian Chombo.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development Honourable Felix Mhona also informed Senate of progress in procuring wagons for the National Railways of Zimbabwe as part of efforts to reduce pressure on road cargo carriage.

He said, “Capacitation of NRZ is on course as we speak, the Ministry is in the process of procuring wagons for cargo and passengers. This will also see the pressure on haulage trucks ferrying cargo using the roads lessened. Also of note is how this has hampered roads rehabilitation efforts and durability as the cargo being carried is not meant for roads, but rail.”

Zimbabwe is the conduit of cross-border trucks from across Southern Africa and the rehabilitation of major highways has seen an increase in the volume of traffic.