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Government commits to ECD financing model


Story by Theophilus Chuma

Government has strengthened mechanisms to improve early childhood learning by allocating funds to renovate infrastructure across the country.

Based on the concept of Leaving No One and No Place Behind, the government has made a huge statement of intent to ensure compulsory basic education for all children in the country through a blueprint that will strengthen the implementation of infant education.

Through the Zimbabwe National Early Learning Policy, the target is to ensure quality and inclusive early learning opportunities for all, with Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Dr Evelyn Ndlovu confirming that a budget has already been set aside for that endeavour.

“We have during this year a budget to adjust and renovate infrastructure relevant for children in ECD up to Grade 2 because the infrastructure that we had was relevant to children up from Grade 1,” said Dr Ndlovu.

The policy is expected to address existing infrastructural gaps affecting early learners particularly in rural communities through resource mobilisation and prudent management of the resources.

This entails the participation of both the private and public sectors to help stir basic education financing in Zimbabwe, where allocation has remained very low at just 12 per cent compared to the 20 per cent recommended by the 2000 Dakar Declaration of the World Education Summit.