Home Crime & Courts Mutoko family buries suspected murder victim without following procedure

Mutoko family buries suspected murder victim without following procedure


Story by Peter Chivhima

In a shocking incident that occurred in Mudzi, Mashonaland East province during the festive period, the Mawona family allegedly teamed up to bury a family member a few hours after he died following an alleged assault by 18-year-old Mark Mabvuramiti.

It is alleged that on Christmas Day last year while drinking beer at a local bar, the now-deceased Jonah Mawona had a misunderstanding with Mabvuramiti over how to cook goat head meat.

It is further alleged that the 18-year-old suspect, who is on the run, then ordered the now-deceased to cook the goat head so that they would eat, but he refused.

This did not go well with Mabvuramiti who started assaulting Mawona leading to his death.

Zimbabwe Republic Police national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi said, “We had an incident which took place in Mudzi where a family teamed up and secretly went on to bury their relative without following due procedure. To make matters worse the relative died after he was assaulted and the relatives were supposed to inform the Police, so we are now investigating the case with plans to exhume the body.”

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi revealed that plans are now on course to exhume the body.

The incident is among the more than 15 murder cases which the ZRP recorded between the 25th and 26th of December last year.