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Dr Hage Geingob laid to rest

Dr Hage Geingob laid to rest

Story by Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

NAMIBIAN President, Dr Hage Geingob has been laid to rest at the country’s Heroes Acre in Windhoek, Namibia.

African leaders including President Emmerson Mnangagwa came in their numbers to bid farewell to a colleague, a brother and friend who was mostly described as an astute leader who championed the African cause.

The people of Namibia were joined by their fellow Africans in grieving as the Southern African country gave their final goodbye to a man who has been described as a Pan-Africanist and champion of the values of Africa.

Following the death of Dr Geingob on the 4th of February, the Namibian nation has remained united as they mourned their leader and this Sunday, thousands came through at the Heroes Acre to bury their President.

More than 10 Heads of State were at the Heroes Acre, where the body of the late Dr Geingob arrived just after mid-morning.

Namibian President, Dr Nangolo Mbumba thanked the African leaders who stood with his nation in their time of grief. He said as a nation, they will continue to follow the country’s constitution and uphold the legacy left by Dr Geingob.

On Saturday evening, the state memorial service for President Geingob saw all the leaders who were present reflect on his contributions to the betterment of humanity during his lifetime.

President Mnangagwa described the late President as a pragmatic leader who defended the independence of Africa.

“He championed the values of Pan-Africanism and the emancipation for the people of Africa. He was a staunch defender of African independence, freedom and non-interference in our internal affairs.

“He bequeaths to us and posterity, an indelible legacy which we must preserve and hand down to successive young generations, particularly his unwavering commitment to justice, African dignity, solidarity and equality. He understood the importance of food security and sovereignty and robust educational systems as critical anchors to the dignity of our people and the sustainable development of our African continent,” said President Mnangagwa.

On various platforms, President Mnangagwa and President Geingob would meet to discuss issues pertaining to their countries and the continent.

At the United Nations General Assembly held in September 2023, the two leaders met and as enunciated by President Mnangagwa in his speech at the funeral, Dr Geingob indeed spoke on the need for Africa to guard its independence.

The call amongst the African leaders is for Dr Geingob’s legacy to live on.