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Castle Corner: The Rise of Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Association in Reviving the Passion for the Game


Article by Timothy Kuhamba

FIVE years ago, the Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Association faced a setback when Zimbabwe Cricket denied any association with the group.

This was a disappointment to the supporters who had been passionate about the game.

I know one of the leaders (Charmain Bans) who hails from my area in Chitungwiza and I admire their dedication to supporting the Chevrons.

Despite the setback, they persisted and have made a significant impact in the past few years because of the love of the game.

Today, Castle Corner, the formidable supporters’ group, has made waves across the world.

Their lively chants and songs at the stadium create a thrilling atmosphere that any cricket fan would enjoy.

The good news is the good relationship between Zimbabwe Cricket and the Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Association which is not only good for the game but also for the country. As the African proverb goes, “United we stand, divided we fall,” the association’s efforts exemplify this spirit.

The emergence of technology has revolutionised the way sports fans engage with their favourite teams.

With screens from the Harare Sports Club being shared on social media, fans who are unable to attend games in person can now follow along and feel like they are part of the action.

This has led to a new wave of supporters who not only watch games from afar but also attend stadiums to show their support.

This was the testimony of the West Indies match as the stadium was full for the first time at Harare Sports Club.

In Zimbabwe, there are many popular soccer supporters, such as Taribo West, Chris Romario Musekiwa (Dynamos), and Baba Chamu (Caps United).

These supporters have their unique styles of dressing and supporting their teams, which have made them famous in their own right.

The passion and dedication these supporters show towards their teams have made them an essential part of Zimbabwean sports culture.

The Zimbabwe Cricket Supporters Association has brought a unique and exciting dimension to their support for the Chevrons by creating a theme for each game.

This has been one of the major highlights of the World Cup Qualifiers, with various media outlets showcasing pictures of Zimbabwean matches that feature the Castle Corner supporters.

The supporters’ themes have been creative and inspiring, with each one symbolising a specific message or strategy for the game.

For example, during the first match, the supporters wore school uniforms to symbolise that Nepal was going to be ‘schooled,’ and Zimbabwe delivered just that with an impressive win.

In the game against West Indies, the supporters wore red work overalls, symbolising the hard work required to win and Zimbabwe emerged victorious.

This new dimension of themed support is a significant development in sports support and I applaud Chairman Bans and the entire team for their hard work and dedication to the game.

Their passion for the sport is evident in their creative and innovative approach to supporting the Chevrons and it is a testament to the power of sports in bringing people together.