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Suzuki Grand Vitara launched in Harare


Story by John Nhandara

THE penetration of electric vehicles into the Zimbabwean market is on an upward trend, with the vehicles considered efficient and climate-friendly.

Electric vehicles are slowly penetrating the Zimbabwean market with the latest being a new Suzuki Grand Vitara hybrid car.

The vehicle which is being distributed locally was introduced on the Zimbabwean market at a colourful ceremony in Harare this Thursday evening.

The introduction of the vehicle dovetails with the move to embrace the emerging wave of clean energy in the transport sector.

“The launch of this hybrid vehicle is very significant as we move towards clean energy,” said CFAO Automotive Managing Director, Mr Marius Prinsloo.

“As a country, we have been lagging considering that the rest of the world has modernised. We have seen the political will and economic transformation so this is a positive step towards modernisation,” said CFAO General Manager, Mr Tammy Hein.

Hybrid vehicles are popular for their reduced fuel consumption, as they combine a combustion engine, electric motor and battery to deliver better fuel economy.