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Zimbabwe, Cuba mark 43 years of diplomatic ties


Story by Oleen Ndori, Foreign Desk Editor

WITH deep historic ties particularly in the health and education sectors; Zimbabwe and Cuba are this Thursday marking 43 years since the start of diplomatic ties.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1980, Zimbabwe and Cuba have over the years sought ways to deepen relations in various facets for socio-economic development.

Marking 43 years of Zimbabwe-Cuba relations this Thursday, beneficiaries of the exchange programme, Dr Solomon Guramatunhu and Dr Stanley Mungofa say the diplomatic ties have and continue to have a positive impact on the growth of Zimbabwe.

“Cuba despite sanctions has managed to develop its intellect to the highest level and they export this intellect for growth and it gives us hope that we can learn and transform our society to such heights as Cuba has done,” noted Dr Guramatunhu.

Dr Mungofa added, “Zimbabwe-Cuba relations have grown from strength to strength and in particular the education sector that has seen our professionals being trained in Cuba.”

The National Coordinator for the Cuban Medical Brigade, Dr Barbara Maria Reina Vargas is equally enthused by the deep relations that exist between the two sister republics.

“This is an important day as it recognises the deep-standing relations that exist between Zimbabwe and Cuba,” said Vargas.

The Cuban Embassy in Zimbabwe’s Charge de Affaires, Mrs Yoisy Ford Garcia reaffirmed her country’s commitment to continue working to strengthen the fraternal bond between Zimbabwe and Cuba.

“Cuba reaffirms its commitment to continue to deepen the fraternal relations between both nations in the various areas of cooperation,” reiterated Garcia.

Cuba has been supporting Zimbabwe’s developed human capital, especially in the education and health sectors, with Cuban-trained intellectuals playing a key role in the transformation of the country.