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Zimbabwe and Malawi are one – President Chakwera


Story by Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

Malawi’s President, Dr Lazarus Chakwera says Zimbabwe and Malawi are one, despite the geographical borders separating the two nations.

He was addressing guests attending the State Banquet he is hosting for President Mnangagwa and his delegation.

President Chakwera said the two nations are determined to forge ahead with cooperation on the economic and political fronts.

He also expressed gratitude to President Mnangagwa for Zimbabwe’s support after they were hit by Cyclone Freddy.

Speaking during the same event, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe and Malawi’s destinies are interwoven by a common past.

President Mnangagwa also conveyed sympathy to the Government and people of Malawi for the devastation caused by Cyclone Freddy in March this year.

He highlighted that the two countries’ scope of cooperation is broad, noting that more benefits can be reaped with increased co-operation.