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Zimbabwe and Botswana join forces in fighting corruption


Story by Tariro Guwuriro

THE Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) this week welcomed the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crimes of Botswana on an exchange programme.

The visit by the delegation follows a number of Memoranda of Agreements signed by the governments of Zimbabwe and Botswana during bilateral meetings in 2019.

Among the agreements is collaboration in corruption prevention, investigation, asset recovery, mutual legal assistance, extradition, sharing of information and capacity building.

Speaking on the sides of the deliberations this Thursday, ZACC Chairperson, Justice Loice Matanda Moyo highlighted the importance of dialogue between the two organisations that are mandated to fight corruption.

“As the anti-corruption fighters we were directed to come up with joint best practices of fighting corruption within our countries from 2020,” noted Justice Moyo.

“The DCEC assisted us in implementing the Electronic Case Management System and they seconded an expect us who assisted as a sign of cooperation,” she added.

The Acting Director General of DCED, Mr Tshepo Pilane said collaborations are key in the two nations’ quest to scale down on corruption incidents.

“The COVID-19 restrictions did try to limit our combined efforts of fighting [corruption] as a team but now we are happy it is in the past and we are ready to face this ill practice,” she noted.

“We are mainly interested in learning about the case-by-case budgeting of ZACC, which we would also want to adopt in our organisation,” she said.

Ties between ZACC and DCEC are a reflection of the success of the Second Republic’s engagement and re-engagement agenda and commitment towards a middle-income society by 2030.