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Trapped miners emerge from collapsed Redwing Mine shaft alive

Trapped miners emerge from collapsed Redwing Mine shaft alive

Story by Kenias Chivuzhe

Celebration and jubilation reverberated across the Penhalonga community in Manicaland province this afternoon as the fifteen miners who were trapped at Redwing Mine were rescued following a four-day long search and rescue operation.

It is like a story of fiction. All the 15 miners who were trapped last Thursday morning have come out of the shaft alive after spending four days underground.

Their rescue set the mining area ablaze with celebrations as family, friends and the local leadership expressed excitement following the success of the rescue operation.

“I had four brothers underground out of the 15 and they are all alive. I am so excited,” a relative of one of the miners told the ZBC News.

“I am very happy that the fifteen miners have came out alive,” another said.

“This development is testimony that there is God above who protects us. This is only by the grace of God,” another noted.

“The people had lost hope that the trapped miners will come out alive. It’s a miracle because it never happened that people can stay underground for four days and all come out alive,” yet another added.

Goodson Madumusa and other brave miners who moved many metres towards the ground surface before calling for help spoke on their experiences and how they managed to survive.

Theirs is a tale of bravery, hope and determination.

One of the survivors said, “The shaft started to collapse on Thursday, but we survived after we were left hanging on a corner. We followed cracks opening them until we came closer to the surface.”

“We sought refuge at the far corner of the shaft when the mine was collapsing. We were eating roots of trees and leaves to survived.We tasted the roots before eating,” explained another.

“It is hope that kept us alive. The people I left behind are all okay and they are happy,” another said.

Manicaland Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution, Advocate Misheck Mugadza, who is also the local legislator, thanked the partners and government departments who joined hands to make the mission a success.

“As the Minister of State and local legislator, I thank the government for assisting in rescuing the miners. We almost lost hope, but we had faith due to team work and corporation as all departments worked together. This is testimony to the power of unity.”

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honourable Zhemu Soda, who was leading from the front in the rescue operation, expressed happiness following the success of the operation, adding that a survey will be conducted before mining resumes to ensure the safety of miners.

“Initially, we had five people rescued from the shaft and now a total of 15 have came out and we are very grateful. What we got from the survivors is that the whole mine underground has collapsed and this must be known by everyone that a proper assessment will have to be done before mining resumes,” he said.

Government and experts teamed up with mine authorities and other partners in the rescue operation which saw technology including drones being deployed in an effort to make the rescue operation a success.