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Construction of ED High School begins in Mutoko

Construction of ED High School begins in Mutoko

Story by Jerold Sasa

Construction of new buildings at Rukanda Secondary School, which is set to be renamed Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa High School in Mutoko has started, a development that has been welcomed by the locals.

This comes after President Mnangagwa has honoured his pledge to construct a high school for Mutoko South constituency at what is currently known as Rukanda Secondary School along the Harare-Mutoko highway.

Locals are excited about the development which they say is set to improve the quality of education in the area.

Ward 13 councillor, Thanks Rombora said, “We are very happy as Mutoko community which is set to improve the standards of education for our people.”

“We did not have A level school in this area so this is a very welcome development as our kids will no longer be travelling ling distances,” noted SDC chairman, Mr Rodwell Zinyakasa.

Mutoko South Member of Parliament, Isaac Taskan noted, “This shows our President has the people at heart and keeps his promises, this is going to change lives of our people.”

Mr Tavabarira Kutamahufa, the Secretary for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Mashonaland East said, “The government says infrastructure is a key enabler to the provision of education so construction of this school is very welcome.”

President Mnangagwa made the pledge for the school when he officially opened the Mutoko Vegetable Plant in 2021.