Home Crime & Courts Teenager in court for raping siblings

Teenager in court for raping siblings

Teenager in court for raping siblings

Story by Fungai Jachi, Courts Reporter

A 16-year-old boy from Harare who is accused of sexually abusing his two siblings aged six and 12 has appeared in court facing charges of rape.

The teenager who appeared in court this Friday is alleged to have raped his siblings on several occasions before he disappeared.

It is alleged that the boy sexually abused his two young sisters whenever he was left taking care of the children.

He was remanded in custody after his father told the court his son had become a burden.

Meanwhile, in another case, two siblings from Chihota have appeared in court for allegedly defrauding a Harare couple of US$20,000 in a botched land deal.

Tawanda and Tinofara Mvududu allegedly misrepresented to a couple they met in Harare Central Business District that they had four residential stands for sale in the Mahusekwa area at US$5,000 each.

The court heard that the couple paid for the four stands and only realised they had been duped when they wanted to change ownership.