Home Arts & Entertainment Clare Nyakujara to release her new song Harare

Clare Nyakujara to release her new song Harare

Clare Nyakujara to release her new song Harare

Story by Zbc reporter

UNITED STATES-BASED Afro-jazz star Clare Nyakujara is set to release her new song, titled ‘Harare’ which will pay tribute to the capital and its dwellers on October 6.

Nyakudya says ‘Harare’ is more than just a song, rather it’s a heartfelt celebration of the vibrant city and its resilient inhabitants.

Nyakujara, who is known for her inspiring music and sharing the stage with legends like the late Tuku, is excited to share this musical tribute.

“This track is all about paying tribute to the energy and resilience of the amazing people of Harare. Trust me, it’s going to make you want to dance and sing along from the very first beat,” she said.

The song promises to transport listeners through the lively streets, bustling markets, and the heart of Zimbabwe’s capital, marketing Harare to her fans the world over.

It’s a musical journey that showcases the unique sights and sounds that make Harare a special place.

“Whether you’re a long-time resident or have never set foot in Harare before, this song is for you! It’s designed to capture the dynamic spirit of the city and leave you feeling inspired. Get ready to groove, sing your heart out, and let the rhythm of ‘Harare’ move you like never before,” she adds.

‘Harare’ is set to resonate with a wide audience, capturing the essence of the city in its melodies and lyrics. It’s a celebration of unity, resilience, and the vibrant culture that defines Harare.

She has promised updates, sneak peeks, and surprises leading up to the big day, making this musical journey one to remember.