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Govt clears Zim Dollar component for wheat deliveries


Story by Wellington Makonese

GOVERNMENT has cleared the Zimbabwean Dollar component for wheat deliveries, with United States Dollar payments being paid on weekly basis.

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has revealed that wheat valued at close to ZWL38 billion and a component of US$31 million has been delivered by farmers.

The Zimbabwean dollar component has now been cleared, with payments based on first come first serve basis.

“Wheat delivered to GMB had a total value of ZW$37 835 876 816 and US$ 31 053 740. The GMB has fully paid the entire Zimbawean Dollar component, however farmers who may not have received the RTGS component can approach GMB offices. Payments in USD are being done on weekly basis and funds are available. To date treasury has released US$10 000 000.00 towards payments. We are paying on first come first save. As of the 08 February 2023, we had paid for deliveries done before 19 October 2022,” said Mr Rockie Mutenha Grain Marketing Board Chief Executive Officer.

Meanwhile, the GMB has put on hold the distribution of maize, soya and ground nut seed as the planting dates have passed.