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ARDA business model to be replicated in Rwanda


Story by Bruce Chahwanda

THE Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) has become a model on the continent for adopting a business approach that accelerates rural industrialisation and guarantees food security for its citizens.

Rwandese Minister of Agriculture, Dr IIdrionse Musafiri met the ARDA executive in Harare this Tuesday to inquire into how the state-owned enterprise has in a short period transformed to anchor Zimbabwe’s agriculture renaissance.

Dr Musafiri confirmed that he was impressed by the organisation’s new business approach to driving rural industrialisation and guaranteeing food security.

“I am impressed by the business case that was presented by the management of ARDA concerning how they have revamped their estates which were lying idle and also their contribution to national food production and also driving rural industrialisation. Rwanda has got a lot to learn from the strides made so far in contribution,” said Dr Musafiri.

ARDA under its renewed strategic thrust, is driving rural industrialisation by reviving irrigation schemes and its farm estates, while at the same having produced a record output of grain including wheat in its history in fulfilling the government’s objective of guaranteeing food security.