ZUPCO franchise holders called to order for endangering public

By Peter Chivhima

THE Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) says it is putting in place measures to ensure the safety of the commuting public in the wake on an outcry over the conduct of some bus companies operating under the ZUPCO franchise.

This comes after the public expressed concern over the conduct of some ZUPCO drivers and unroadworthy buses which are operating under the ZUPCO franchise, which has in turn caused a spike in the number of road traffic accidents.

“In the past, ZUPCO bus drivers were trained to exhibit high standards of discipline in our roads and that would help in reducing road carnages, but that is different from what is happening now. The main issue with our drivers today is that they no longer care about one’s life. Most of them never went through driving courses, but rather buying licenses and that’s why we are seeing a lot of accidents in our roads,” said a concerned commuter.

“What is causing accidents nowadays is that these buses are no longer roadworthy, so at times the drivers will be trying their best, but due to the condition of the buses it becomes so difficult,” noted another.

However, ZUPCO Public Relations manager Sandisile Mtetwa says they are putting in place measures to ensure the safety of the commuting public.

“We don’t tolerate such bad behaviors from our drivers. So, we are encouraging the public to report any issues of bad driving. When we are recruiting drivers, we have a system, and they must meet certain requirements such as having a driver’s license. The bus should also have a certificate of fitness,” she noted.

Government has pledged to improve the mass public transport sector after procuring more than 500 ZUPCO buses as the Second Republic continues in its quest to provide safe, reliable and affordable transport in both rural and urban areas.