ZRP expresses concern over increasing murder cases

By ZBC Reporter

Police in Mashonaland Central have urged locals to respect the sanctity of human life following a couple of murders recorded last week.

Two murder incidents recorded Mashonaland Central, in a space of just one week, have raised concern that people are disregarding human life when disputes arise.

In the first incident recorded on 17 September in Bindura a 26-year-old woman killed her drunken 23-year-old brother with a hoe following a dispute.

On the 26th of September in Mukaradzi mining area four miners killed a suspected burglar after catching him stealing.

ZRP Mashonaland Central Spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe appealed to the public to cherish human life and approach law enforcement agencies when wronged.

“We are very much concerned how precious life is being lost. We urge members of the public to respect sanctity of human life,” he said.

All the five suspects implicated in murder cases have since been arrested and arraigned before the criminal courts.