ZPCS to contribute to Vision 2030

By Mhlomuli Ncube

THE Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) has gone beyond the rehabilitation of inmates, with officers being equipped with the requisite skills and values to discharge their duties effectively. 

ZPCS made a complete turnaround with its new mandate emphasising rehabilitation and correction instead of the punitive approach.

In this endeavour, officers who pass through Ntabazinduna Training School near Bulawayo are going through a training programme that feeds into that objective.

It is also not just about training officers and rehabilitating offenders, but as an institution, the ZPCS also partakes in projects that are contributing to the country’s vision of attaining an upper middle-income society by 2030.

“Such efforts are being made to provide descent accommodation to our officers… in our endeavour to become the best correctional services providers in the region. More income generating projects are also on the cards to reach self-sustenance and growth to feed out prison population,” said ZPCS Commissioner General, Moses Chihobvu.

While drills and displays are an attraction of the day, they are a story of discipline, endurance and testimony of a refined officer that the training school produces.

Alongside the physical demands of the training programmes, the recruits also go through a demanding academic training course on issues such as constitutionalism, gender and other modules.

There were no dropouts in the 150th recruit correctional training course confirming that the ZPCS is has hit the right chord.

Among the graduands who were honoured for conducting themselves diligently during training is Overall Best Student – Nigel Lamwelo, Best Student Drill – Cliff Gochai, Best Student Weapon – Tinashe Chiremba and Best Student Lecture – Nyasha Makambanga.