Zinara restructuring, 250 employees to be laid off

By Margaret Matibiri
THE restructuring exercise by the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) will result in 250 employees without fixed contracts being laid off while another 96 terminations are currently being processed.
Speaking to the ZBC News, Zinara’s Acting Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Moses Chigonyati said the institution is restructuring in a bid to meet the stipulated 2.5 percent from all revenue collected as mandated by the Roads Act.
“The Roads Act administration costs should be 2.5 percent of all revenue collected and we are currently using five percent after the Minister approved the excess expenditure and we now need to restructure and meet the stipulated costs,” he said.
Zinara board chair, Michael Madana said the workforce is bloated and that many contracts expiring will not be renewed.
“Zinara employs 650 workers at the moment, and there is a need to reduce it to 450 because the workforce is bloated. Contracts that will be expiring soon in some areas will be not renewed,” said the board chair.
Meanwhile, the board chair and the Acting CEO professed ignorance of an offer letter dated January 10, circulating on social media believed to have originated from Zinara written on the institution’s letterhead.
The offer letter for a tolling cashier post which indicated that the basic salary was pegged at $6 240 while the housing allowance was pegged at $660 raised concerns with citizens on social media.
“I have no knowledge of the letter and where it was generated to speak on it or comment but if you are saying the amount in question is in the district of $6 000 it could be the gross income,” said Madana.
Madana, however, said a general manager with the institution is getting paid around $20 000 but could not give the exact figure while Chigonyati refused to comment on the matter indicating that it was a private matter as the employers and organisation had signed non-disclosure agreements.