Zimbabwe’s inoculation drive commended

By ZBC Reporter

ZIMBABWE’s Honorary Consul to Israel Ronny Levi Musan has applauded the country’s vaccination drive, saying Zimbabwe is on course to achieve herd immunity following benchmarks set by Israel which leads the world in vaccines per capita.

The country’s vaccination programme is well coordinated and the herd immunity benchmark is in sight.

The government has done so well to acquire millions of vaccines setting Zimbabwe on course to reach the milestone set by countries like Isreal which have returned to normal life after reaching herd immunity.

More than 1, 5 million Zimbabweans have already received their first jab, an indication that people have accepted inoculation as the only route to end disruptions caused by Covid -19.

“The high demand for inoculation among the Zimbabwean populace is very encouraging and is evident that the population has accepted the value of immunization,” said His Excellence Ronny.

“In Israel, achieved herd immunity as its population quickly embraced vaccination and the country is the first in the world to administer a third shot to its people over the age of 60.”

At least 60% of Israel’s 9.3 million population has received one shot of the vaccine in a campaign that saw daily cases drop from more than 10 000 in January to single digits in June, prompting Israel to relax some preventive measures including social distancing, although the wearing of masks was recently re-imposed.

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