Zimbabwe’s first ever Ndebele sci-fi movie premieres

By Lisa Masuku

The much-awaited premiere of Zimbabwe’s first ever Ndebele science fiction movie titled “The Signal” lived up to its billing after attracting huge followers.

The event, which took place this Friday evening at the Bulawayo Academy of Music, saw renowned celebrities, artists and actors grace the red carpet.

Movie enthusiast who attended the premier of the 20-minute Ndebele sci-fi movie described as a beautiful production.

“It is a beautiful production from Bulawayo’s young stars. This is actually marketing brand Zimbabwe on the international market,” a fan said.

Said another, “Most of our young creatives have been yearning for something to help them break into the international market and The Signal is exactly going to give them that exposure because it is really an amazing production.”

With sci-fi being an under explored genre in Africa, the brains behind the movie, Daniel Lasker outlined the main thrust.

“Sci-fi is just such a unique genre it has so many creative possibilities that you can explore. The only limitation is your imagination and how big and crazy you can think,” he said.

The main drivers of The Signal’s storyline are some of Bulawayo’s renowned actors, who include Dumie Manyathela, Tawanda Denga and Natasha Dhlamini.

The character and emotion brought by the actors in portraying their roles vividly reveals the storyline of the movie which focuses on showing how a deadly sound transmitted from space corrupts the minds of all who hear it, turning them into soulless demons under its control.