Zimbabweans commended for prioritising their health

By Zbc Reporter
Zimbabweans have been commended for prioritising their health in the face of the Covid pandemic.
This was said by the minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Senator Monica Mutsvangwa while giving an update on day 3 of the 21-day national lockdown.
Speaking after Wednesday’s Inter-Minesterial Taskforce on Covid-19 meeting, Senator Mutsvangwa commended Zimbabweans for taking the requisite measures to protect themselves.”We have to be each other’s keeper in fighting this virus, we commend you as you continue to prioritise your health various universities have come on board as well as the uniformed forces to take sanitisers as well as protective clothing ”
Senator Mutsvangwa also cautioned people on the abuse of social media.
” This is not the time to joke about this disease, our president is working hard to contain this disease let’s be serious and let’s respect each other”
Minister of Health & Child Care, Dr Obediah Moyo urged Zimbabweans to continue looking after their health.
” The lockdown is for your health we want to make sure that you are health so stay at home”
Meanwhile, 182 people have so far been arrested for violating the lockdown.