Zimbabwe targets standards for imports and exports

By Stanley James, Business Editor

ZIMBABWE is developing standards for imported and exported goods to benefit consumers and the national economy through production of competitive goods for the international market.   

 “It is within the context of trade that such an initiative can also enable local industries to comply with standards,” said Ms Lena Sodergren, Vice President – Verification of Conformity Government and Trade Solutions.                

The plan is mainly aimed at ensuring that substandard imported goods do not find their way into the local market, while also ensuring that manufacturing companies produce quality goods that can compete on the international market.   

“Zimbabwe cannot become a dumping site so indeed the issue of standards is of greater importance in stimulating trade and overall growth,” said Director Government Services Bureau Veritas, Southern Africa, Jean Michel Perret.

A representative of inspecting firms tasked by the government to monitor the quality of exports and imports stressed the value of the initiative.

“More should be done to enhance the flow of quality imports to protect the local consumers against the influx of substandard goods,” urged Ishmael Musora, Country Manager Pre-Export Inspection Firm.

The government has also reaffirmed commitment towards production of quality goods in the country.       

“The government of Zimbabwe wants adherence to standards so that the economy can accrue the relevant gains while focusing on enhanced trade,” said Rudo Faranisi, Chief Director Commerce Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

The private sector has also agreed to continuous dialogue with government on compliance to set standards for goods and services.