Zimbabwe records 18 Covid deaths in 24 hours

By ZBC Reporter

Zimbabwe recorded 18 Covid-19 fatalities, in just 24 hours, the highest number of covid 19 deaths recorded in a single day, bringing the cumulative number of fatalities to 122.

Covid-19 chief coordinator, Dr Agnes Mahomva, called on people to seek medical attention early if symptoms they have persist.

“A lot of people are presenting late and hence by the time they get in they are so ill so they die…. A lot of people who seek medical help earlier are doing so well and many are recovering,” he says.

So far the country’s Covid-19 death toll has surpassed one hundred, with a three week old baby who died last week being the youngest Covid-19 fatality.

However, the number of recoveries which stands at more than 1 600 out of over 4 800 cases is encouraging, with government continuously urging citizens to properly wear masks, sanitise and practice social distancing.