Zimbabwe ready to deliver oxygen donation to Mozambique

By Kenias Chivuzhe

ZIMBABWE and Mozambique continue to cement bilateral relations, with the two countries pledging cooperation in higher education and health, among other sectors of the economy.

This Thursday, a Mozambican delegation led by the country’s Minister of Health, Dr Armindo Tiago and accompanied by Zimbabwe’s Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro, visited Verify Engineering, which manufactures medical oxygen and industrial gas at its Feruka plant in Manicaland province.

The visit is a culmination of the recent meeting in Beira between the Presidents of Zimbabwe and Mozambique, where Zimbabwe donated oxygen to her neighbour as part of strengthening bilateral relations and cooperation.

The Mozambican Minister of Health was impressed by the multi-million-dollar plant wholly funded by the government, emphasising the need to increase collaboration between the two countries.

“We did use the visit to also look at other opportunities that can help maximise collaboration and corporation between our two countries. I am impressed by this plant that is producing oxygen that can feed the whole SADC region. We have oxygen, but it is not enough to cater for the whole country following the scourge of COVID-19. Such developments point out the need to increase collaboration in the health and higher education sectors, among other areas of cooperation. We can learn from Zimbabwe in the field of innovation and technological advancement,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John Mangwiro noted the need for the two neighbours to increase cooperation, adding that the country welcomes collaboration in the health sector.

“We want to get rid of this notion that if you want to become a heart specialist you should go and specialise in faraway places when Mozambique is doing that. We also want to learn from Mozambique what we can do to ensure such procedures take off in our country,” said Mangwiro.

Meanwhile, Verify Engineering management says they are working on various projects including the development of fertiliser and liquid fuels from coal, developing lithium storage batteries, an iron steel plant and establishment of a 600-megawatt power plant, among other initiatives.