Zimbabwe moves in to improve ease of doing business reforms

By Stanley James

Business Editor

ZIMBABWE is reviewing ease of doing business reforms to facilitate a favourable environment for local and external investors in setting up projects.

Almost a year after it is established, the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) is assessing successes, challenges and the way forward.

Presenting an overview of its operations, the agency’s chief operating officer Mr Tino Kambasha reaffirmed its commitment to fulfilling the mandate given by its key shareholder, the government.

“In restoring Zimbabwe’s position as a safe, sound and viable investment destination, then indeed we are further looking at improving the ease of doing business,” said Tino Kambasha Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency chief operating officer.

“There has been a shift in perception but we should not overlook the effects of the Covid-19 in our operations such that the only way is to improve the business operating climate.”

ZIDA was launched by the Second Republic to ease challenges faced by business people in setting up projects, provide incentives to stimulate uptake of new projects and create certainty on business transactions in Zimbabwe, among other aspects.

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