Zimbabwe international film festival set for the 14th of September

By Patience Nyagato

As part of efforts to reconnect film makers, arts enthusiasts and other stakeholders in the film industry, the Zimbabwe International Film Festival will come alive on the 14th of next month.

Zimbabwe international film festival programs manager Rudo Chakanyuka said, “We want our filmmakers to show their work to the world which is important because most of the times, we hear our local people asking, where are our people? Where are our films? We will put up a lot of films that audiences can watch and audiences can interact with the cast and producers as well.”

Addressing the plight of filmmakers is part of the agenda for the film forum slated for the third day of the festival at a time when skits are overshadowing conventional films.

“The four-day festival will have trade day for all the stakeholders, then a career day on the second day. The third is the film forum day where issues affecting film practitioners are discussed and the way forward and lastly the family day where we expect families to come in. The festival will be packed with films from the 3000 entries we got.”

Meanwhile, festival organisers have launched the Smartphone Short Film and the Hi5 Short Film Competitions to provide a platform for budding filmmakers to showcase their craft.