Zimbabwe has enough vaccines to inoculate the entire population – President

By Sifiso Sibanda

With the world in a panic mode after the discovery of the Omicron Covid-19 variant, President Emmerson Mnangagwa has assured Zimbabweans that the situation is under control with the government having procured enough vaccines to inoculate the entire population.

The President was addressing thousands of people gathered at Barbourfields Stadium in Bulawayo this Friday.

“As the world fights the new Covid-19 variant, I want to call on all citizens who have to been vaccinated to avail themselves for the jab so that they get protected, as a country we have the luxury to call on those who have been vaccinated twice to come for the third booster jab so that they are protected as well,” said the President.

Earlier on President Mnangagwa officiated at the 3rd anniversary of the national clean-up campaign where he assured the people of Bulawayo that water challenges bedeviling the city will soon be a thing of the past.

“I want to assure you as people of Bulawayo that my government has a solution to your water challenges and we have enough resources to finance the water project and as I speak, we are in the process of subcontracting local companies to start trenching the pipeline from the Gwayi-Shangani Lake to Bulawayo to close that chapter of waters and look at other developmental projects.”

The President also challenged local authorities to provide standard services to their communities, reiterating that the Second Republic will continue to provide resources under the devolution programme.

He said: “Development is no longer decided from Harare but the new dispensation through devolution funds now allows communities to pinpoint priority areas for development and directs local authorities on what projects to undertake. In the 2022 budget, at least 4.5 billion dollars is available to local authorities.”

He further urged citizens to double their efforts in maintaining a clean environment as Zimbabwe aims to become the cleanest country in Africa.

“Coming to Bulawayo was not just a choice, but a demonstration that government knows that the City of Kings is the cleanest in Zimbabwe and must inspire homes, local authorities and indeed citizens to be clean and remain hygienic always as we take our country to another level of being the cleanest in the whole of Africa.”

The President was part of the clean-up programme at Madamara Business Centre.

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