Zimbabwe and Rwanda ties grow stronger: Rwanda to help Zim’s Commonwealth bid

By Justin Mahlahla

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Dr Frederick Shava says Zimbabwe is seeking to sign about six Memoranda of Understanding with the government of Rwanda, including on tourism and industry.

He was speaking yesterday ahead of today’s Rwanda-Zimbabwe Trade & Investment Conference underway in Kigali.

“We reviewed the business that the two countries have done in the past and the business that we want to do going forward. We recalled that we last met during the last JPCC meeting and during that meeting we signed six MOUs and we have been trying to operationalise those six,” said Minister Shava.

“This time we have come to look at yet another round of six MOUs which will be discussed in the international conference and we hope we are going to be able to sign most of the MOUs. Amongst them is the MOUs regarding tourism which minister Mangaliso Ndlovu will sign and there are some MOUs which regards industry and commerce, which the minister Dr Sekai Nzenza, will sign.”

He said the delegation will sign some on behalf of the ministries of mines and agriculture.

Minister Shava added: “We discussed the possibilities of twinning programmes, projects, in which the Rwandese are happy or are seeking ways of twinning their districts with some of our own districts. These are districts from a tourist perspective, where they want to specifically twin their area that houses some gorillas, which are an important tourist attract in their country, with something of the sort in our country, and we are happy to look at possibilities. We have lots of elephants; we have lots of other animals in different places which could also interest the Rwandese.”

The Minister also said they discussed the support of Rwanda in bringing Zimbabwe back to the Commonwealth.

“They assured us that they are very keen to support us. The importance and relevance of this discussion lies in the fact that the next Commonwealth conference will be held in Kigali, and thereafter Kigali will be the chairman for the next year or so, so we are looking forward to that event. We have suggested that perhaps we could also attend the CHOGM as an observer and we hope that this would be possible.”

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