ZIMASCO evicts former employees

By Mthokozisi Dube

Several former employees of a Shurugwi based mining company, ZIMASCO were left homeless following eviction from company houses, owing to rental arrears.

It was a sad situation for former employees of ZIMASCO, who had to seek accommodation on the streets, cars and at relatives’ houses after being evicted from the company houses.

For the former employees, the eviction was a result of rental arrears.

However, there are allegations that the evictions are targeted at members who belong to the influential chrome mine residence association.

In a statement, the ferrochrome producer’s spokesperson, Clara Sadomba said evictions were necessitated by a lack of will by tenants to regularise their stay on company accommodation, adding that this has made it difficult for them to be able to maintain the houses and provide essential services.

The affected former employees have exited the company through retrenchment, retirement or resignation, and ZIMASCO says they are being treated just like independent tenants.

According to the firm, all retrenchment packages for the former employees were settled in full.

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