ZIMA Unveils 2021 Awards Show Roadmap

There are 133 days left before the Zimbabwe Music Award (ZIMA) show and the organisers have already laid the road map for the prestigious ceremony.

The awards show will run under the theme “Rhythm, Roots and Cultural Diversity” in a bid to unite Zimbabwe’s diverse musical roots, rhythm and culture under one voice.

The awards show will be held on February 19 next year and the event will be hosted both virtual and physical with limited attendance.

Speaking at a press reception held on Wednesday night at their offices, ZIMA corporate communication executive Benjamin Nyandoro said everything was in place ahead of the show.

“We have decided to lay the ground on how this award ceremony is going to be held,” he said.

“We have already set a team who are dealing with all issues to the last day. Just like the norm, the event is not planned in a day.”

Nyandoro revealed the details of the roadmap and said all is expected to go according to plan.

“The awards show will be held on February 19, 2022,” he said. “We are opening a platform for entries submission next month (November 1) and close it December 31.

“The adjudication process will be held from January 1 to 16, 2022 and nominees will be revealed on January 20, with the public voting process beginning on January 21 to February 19.”

Nyandoro said the announcement coincided with the reopening of a key music business enabler — the bars.

“We have secured both the light and the tunnel to the end,” he said.

It remains to be seen how the show will pan out considering that for the last 18 months under lockdown the music scene was subdued.

The digital cosmos became the primary platform for performance and distribution of music works.

“Music players have over the period embraced the ‘new normal’, building smart partnerships with promoters, platform providers, content and sponsorship,” said Nyandoro.

He also spoke about the official sponsors of the event, including the headline partner, PPC Zimbabwe.

“We have cemented this partnership with PPC over the years through our convergence on strong commitment and determination in our respective trades and value systems,” said Nyandoro.

“It is reassuring that corporate giants continue to see value by recognising, promoting, celebrating and awarding our musicians, their works and the music support systems. Some of the sponsors include Wezhaz Executive Cars, Barmlo Investments, Kitchen Link and the Bullion Group, among others.”

Nyandoro shared Zima’s progress from 2019 to present and said they were fulfilling some of the obligations before the 2022 edition show.

“In 2019, we completed building a home for one of Zimbabwe’s celebrated music icons, Cde Chinx, in Sentosa, Harare, and handed it over to him and his family. We added more awards categories so that the ZIMA becomes representative of all of Zimbabwe’s rich music cultural diversity and also introduced retro awards that seek to award the outstanding musicians that stood out before the establishment of ZIMA.

“In 2020, we established the ZIMA head office in Harare, repositioning ZIMA from an event into an institution and we hosted the music awards recognition and celebration event at The Country Club in Highlands, Harare, rebranding itself as a premium event hosting high profile notable guests.

“This year, ZIMA commissioned an external adjudication steering committee comprising of 12 qualified persons to oversee and develop the ZIMA rule book. We donated groceries and renovated the house of the ZIMA2021 Lifetime Achievers, the Cool Crooners in Bulawayo.”

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