Zim women break into the international space industry

By Denise Shorayi

ZIMBABWEAN women have broken into the international space industry, with two young ladies getting due recognition for their exploits.

As the world commemorates the space week running under the theme: Women in Space, advocate for gender diversity in the sector, two Zimbabwean women are making the headlines.

” l was recently recognised as part of 25 international space from around the world and l will taking part of the international astronautical congress in Dubai later this month and also an emerging space leader, young leader. it will be an opportunity to put Zimbabwe on the space map highlight the immerse achievements that have been made in these few short years,” said Ruvimbo Samanyanga, Space Policy Analyst.

“I was recognised as an emerging African woman leader due to the contributions l have made in the continent looking at the work done through being the part of the South Africa team which launched the S.A satellite, the outreaches held as awareness of space hazards, being part of the team that crafted space engineering at the University of Zimbabwe, ” said Dr Electdom Matandirotya, Chief scientist ZINGSA.

This comes after Zimbabwe launched the science park housing the Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency which is also grooming young women in the space industry.

ZBC News crew caught up with the ambitious young ladies who believe the sky is the limit.

“l chose a space science because its industry in Zimbabwe that has not been explored so I wanted to be part of the groundbreaking team. It is also challenging and l like to challenge and encourage other women and girl child join the aeronautic field,” said Netsai Sadza, a Space Scientist.

“We are all about designing and developing space technologies that will benefit Zimbabwe e.g we are working on a ground sensor terminal that’s will work hand in hand with satellite for disaster mitigation measure,” said Patience Muchini a Space Engineer.

Zimbabwe is on a drive to enhance space and geospatial services to manage its natural resources, predict natural disasters and mitigate the effects of climate change with women taking their rightful place in the male-dominated industry.

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