Zim tourism industry urged to open an office in the USA to draw more visitors

By ZBC Reporter
THE increasing influx of United States of America (USA) tourists to Zimbabwe has prompted Zimbabwe’s tourism industry to open an office in the USA.
The Visitors Exit Survey show that the USA remains Zimbabwe’s top-performing overseas market with an average spending of USD888 per traveller. The 2018 statistics recorded a total now of 95 025 USA tourist arrivals.
Speaking at the ongoing three-day I7th New York Times Travel Show which commenced this Friday where Zimbabwe is participating for the very first time, His Excellency, the Zimbabwean Ambassador to the United Nations (UN) in New York, Dr. Fredrick Shava reiterated the need for more tourism representation and presence in the USA.
“For Zimbabwe to tap into this lucrative market, Zimbabwe tourism should re-establish a tourism office in the US. In the past this tourism office used to be in Washington DC, it can still be in Washington DC but we should certainly have an active office open,” he said.
He also highlighted the significance of the USA market which is currently topping the overseas arrivals to Zimbabwe and how this plays a pivotal role in the country’s tourism industry.
“Zimbabwe’s participation at the New York Times Travel Show is extremely important. It emphasises the importance that Zimbabwe is open for business mantra and this is part of the business. Tourism plays a very significant part in the Gross Domestic Product of the country(GDP) and New York is one of the best destinations of publicising tourism. Zimbabwe depends on a lot of tourism traffic from the USA and particularly from New York,” echoed Ambassador Shava.
With the re-engagement mission that the government has been pursuing, Ambassador Shava emphasised of this drive particularly furthering tourism promotion and related optimum benefits to the country’s development.
“Commercial tourism is part of the re-engagement that we are in and the diplomacy we do these days is associated with commercial diplomacy. We promote what Zimbabwe can do, what Zimbabwe can offer to the tourism market place, the beauty of Zimbabwe A World of Wonders- this is how they will know Zimbabwe and this is how we want to promote business as well as invite more people to Zimbabwe,” he added.
The New York Times Travel Industry Conference offers a comprehensive education programme designed for travel professionals. Travel professionals also get to have an opportunity to attend several exclusive seminars as well as visit over 700 exhibitors in the largest travel trade exhibition in North America