Zim to benefit from the Zambezi watercourse

By ZBC Reporter

THE Zambezi Water Course Commission says plans are in motion to set up programmes for countries that share the water body to enhance rain-fed agriculture in the region.

For African nations, enhancing food security is key as the continent battles the ravaging effects of climate change.

The Zambezi River which is shared by eight countries, including Zimbabwe, has many programmes centred around it such as power generation and irrigation.

Zambezi Water Commission Programmes Manager Engineer Evans Kaseke told ZBC News that the commission is working with the Swedish International Water Institute to assist communities in areas hard hit by drought from the eight riparian states to the Zambezi River.

Engineer Kaseke was speaking on the sidelines of a presentation at the Zimbabwe National Defence University on the Challenges in the Management of the Zambezi Transboundary Water Resources and their impact on regional security.

The Engineer also revealed that there are investment opportunities to be derived from the Zambezi River worth US$14 billion.

“It’s a multi-sectoral investment analysis that was done under the sponsorship of the African development bank. It identified opportunities that are available in the watercourse.”

Collaborated efforts in the management of the Zambezi River ensure greater economic benefit for communities directly or indirectly linked to the river.

The eight riparian states to the Zambezi Water Basin include Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Mozambique, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania.