Zim records sharp decline in Covid-19 cases

By ZBC Reporter

ZIMBABWE has recorded a sharp decline in COVID-19 cases over the past three weeks with daily cases dropping from over one thousand on the 3rd of January to 75 this Sunday.

According to figures released by the Ministry of Health and Child Care this Sunday, only 75 COVID-19 cases were recorded, bringing the cumulative total of cases in the country to 228 254.

Deaths have also consistently declined over the same period from 20 per day to two recorded this Sunday, bringing the total fatalities to 5 294.

The past 21 days have witnessed a sharp decrease in cases, which saw 1 794 being recorded this past week compared to 6 204 recorded the first week of January.

This translates to a 71 percent decrease in Covid-19 cases and a 68 percent decline in deaths nationally.

Community Working Group on Health Executive Director, Itai Rusike attributes the decline in cases to the vaccination drive and general compliance from the public.

“We are very much encouraged and quite pleased seeing this steady decline of cases hospitalisations and deaths have also declined. These figures are also attributed to a number of factors which include the collective responsibility from the various stakeholders in terms of the education awareness but I think most importantly it has been the General compliance from the general public. Where have seen the General public adhering to the laid down measures and also getting vaccinated,” he said.

The Omicron variant-driven fourth wave hit the country at the beginning of last month, leading the government to tighten lockdown measures which are expected to be reviewed at the end of this week.