Zim records decline in TB incidences

By Abigirl Tembo, Health Editor

Zimbabwe is on course to achieving the global target of ending TB by 2035 as the country continues to record a decline in TB incidences.

From more than 36 000 TB incidences in 2015 to 29 000 in 2021, strides continue to be recorded in the country’s goal towards ending TB by the year 2035.

A TB Prevention and Control workshop held in Kwekwe this Thursday was an opportunity for programatic and management of drug resistant TB officer for the Union Zimbabwe Trust, Dr Rutendo Manyati to disclose that the country is working hard to close the TB treatment gap created by Covid-19.

Said Dr Manyati ,“As a country, we did face a major distraction of essential health services during the covid -19 pandemic and we took a step or two back in terms of reaching our targets. However, we are trying to get back on track. Through the Ministry of Health, we have an acceleration plan, we also have a recovery plan. All of these are in action mode and are working towards closing the gap which was reopened by the covid 19 pandemic.”

Last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) removed Zimbabwe from the list of 30 high TB burden countries.

The decline in TB incidences is being attributed to rigorous increase in TB/HIV diagnostic services, number of sites with GeneXpert & Truenat as well as the adoption and swift rollout of new medicines.