Zim real estate growth, a sign of a growing economy

By Davison Vandira

THE favourable economic environment has resulted in a boom in the real estate sector with more Zimbabweans investing in housing development.

The level of housing construction taking place around the country has been phenomenal over the past two years due to a boom being experienced across the entire construction value chain which has strengthened balance sheets of cement, brick and steel manufacturers.

Real Estate developers are grateful to government for creating an enabling environment and opportunities for Zimbabweans to uplift their standards of living in line with the vision of an upper middle income society by 2030.

“As real estate developers we are satisfied with the level of investment largely by Zimbabweans and the kind of construction taking place is testimony to favourable operating environment,” said Real Estate Developer, Albert Kamhunga.

“We are busy with construction and at the present moment we are failing to meet the demand and this really shows how Zimbabweans are making long term investment that will certainly benefit the economy as well,” noted Nyasha Mukonowatsauka; Real Estate Expert

Housing infrastructure is a key economic indicator across the globe and Zimbabwe is no exception hence the National Development Strategy One is prioritising provision of decent accommodation in line with the objectives of vision 2030.