Zim needs to re-brand to achieve vision 2030

By ZBC Reporter
CREATING valuable relationships can have a positive impact on the economy, Zimbabwe needs to rebrand in line with vision 2030, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister honourable Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, has said.
Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister honourable Senator Mutsvangwa made the remarks at the inaugural institute of public relations and communication Zimbabwe breakfast seminar in Harare this Friday. She said the rebranding will improve the country’s valuable relations and the development of the economy.
Re-Branding Zimbabwe towards economic growth is the cornerstone of the new dispensation led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.
She urged Zimbabweans to work together to remove all barriers, attitudes, perceptions, thoughts and emotions that derail the country’s economic development.
“It is time to put aside our negative thoughts about our country and start speaking and writing positive things in our country,” she said.
Panellist at the meeting and economist Eddie Cross said public relations is the pillar for any economy to prosper and commended Minister Mutsvangwa for spearheading Zimbabwe’s re-branding mission.
“Inclusive economic growth is for us all to benefit hence I want to thank all the effort the minister is doing in sending the right narrative about our country,” said Cross.
The government is working on ensuring that vision 2030 is achieved by involving various stakeholders in reviving the economy.