Zim movie gets overwhelming reviews

THE much anticipated Zimbabwean movie titled Chapungu finally premiered this Wednesday in Harare and it got overwhelming reviews from the audience.
Chapungu is a story about inheritance and family quarrels involved in present-day society. It brings out enmity which is created by lies and witchcraft in Chapungu’s quest to acquire family wealth.
The main character Chapungu is the evil daughter in law who plots evil deeds so as to create hatred between her mother-in-law and the younger daughter-in-law so as to become the heir to the family inheritance since her husband who is the eldest son in the family is dead.
The movie which mainly centers on several ills brought about by inheritance squabbles greed, jealousy and hatred left audiences in awe because of the way how the characters passionately portrayed the storyline.
“The storyline was amazing, with every scene in the movie several emotions were evoked said Simukai Chagonda, one of the viewers who attended the premiere
Another viewer, Tamara Maziyaya also said most issues encompassed in the story are part of everyday happening in African society.
“The movie took us through a journey of the quarrels that come about because of lies and being vindictive. The characters took us as audiences through a journey. For instance, when the main character Chapungu was being vindictive one would feel angry and all sorts of emotions were evoked with each and every scene. We could relate to what was happening throughout the movie,” she said.
“Zimbabwe has talent, this is great staff I must say,” added another film lover, Rufaro Chikonamombe.
The movie was written by Mapfumo Katsaya and directed by Melgin Tafirenyika under the Light images films stable.
The production crew was impressed with the positive reviews that they got from the movie premiere.
“The reactions of the audiences while they were watching the movie was so overwhelming although turnout was not that impressive. Their reactions were a clear indication of the fact that they could relate to the story,” said Katsaya the brains behind the storyline.
“The positive reviews of the audiences were everything, it means a lot to us to see our work being appreciated this much,” added Tafirenyika, the Director of the movie
Biggie Samwanda, Director Arts, Culture Promotion and Development from the Ministry of youths, arts and culture said he was impressed to see young creatives working hard to showcase Zimbabwean talent and put zimbabwe on a global map in the arts sector.
“We are happy to be associated with such great projects initiated by young filmmakers. We are also working hard as a Ministry to ensure the film sector is revived,” he said