Zim makes inroads into the UAE export market 

By Josephine Mugiyo

ZIMBABWE is making in-roads into the United Arab Emirates through the export of horticultural produce, with expectations high that the country will secure more markets for its produce. 

Horticultural products contribute a significant amount to the country’s export earnings and as the sector goes through a resurgence, Zimbabwe is now making inroads into the United Arab Emirates.

Vice President General Retired Dr Constantino Chiwenga who is in the UAE for the Dubai Expo 2020, visited one of the importers of horticulture products from Zimbabwe, Ali Gholami vegetables.

The company is already planning to import more horticulture products from Zimbabwe.

“We are importing blueberries and look to import more produce like avocados from Zimbabwe and increase our scope of business,” said Shihad Aboobacker, Import Purchase Manager Ali Gholami vegetables and fruits.

Vice President Chiwenga says the purpose of the tour was to establish the range of products that the company can import from Zimbabwe. 

“This coming has great potent ion to do business with Zimbabwe and there will be further discussions with the company as they will come to Zimbabwe,” said Vice President Chiwenga.

The notable products being imported into Dubai include flowers which Zimbabwe is also exporting to the Netherlands.

The agriculture sector is among sectors which the country is leveraging to increase export earnings through providing produce for the export market.

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