Zim leaves EXPO 2020 Dubai bouyant

By Josephine Mugiyo, Diplomatic Correspondent

The curtain came down on the Expo 2020 Dubai this Thursday evening, with Zimbabwe optimistic of benefiting from the business opportunities secured at the global showcase.

For six months, 192 countries met in Dubai for a global expo, with Zimbabwe using the platform to pursue business opportunities across various sectors.

Expo 2020 Dubai Commissioner General for Zimbabwe Ambassador Mary Mubi believes taking part at the exhibition put the county on a better pedestal towards attaining vision 2030.

“As Zimbabwe, we had three objectives – to get interest of the investors being one of them. Zimbabwe took part under the opportunities cluster. No country can develop as an island and so we sought to maximize on the EXPO; we wanted to tell a story,” Ambassador Mubi said.

Having been at the helm of the Expo for six months, Ambassador Mubi is confident that a number of business entities found partnerships through taking part in the showcase.

“We are confident that there are a number of businesses that found partners. We suffered a set-back due to COVID-19. There was a time when visitors could not come, but after that we made up for it.”

The country also drew some lessons from the EXPO to be implemented in future similar projects.

After telling the Zimbabwean story and highlighting the available business opportunities, hopes are high that the numerous enquiries and business deals will now be reflected on the country’s export receipts.