Zim & Ethiopia hold bilateral talks

By ZBC Reporter

The President Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has held bilateral talks with Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr Aby Ahmed on the sidelines of the African Union Summit.

Speaking to ZBC News after the meeting,the President hinted that the 40 minute discussion he had with Mr Ahmed partly focused on the importance to safeguard the independence of Africa as a whole.

“The major point which my dear brother form Ethiopia was emphasising on was the solid position which Zimbabwe has been known to take to be solidly independent. He said he now realises that Ethiopia has been stronger because it has not taken note of of external factors.He further reiterated that Ethiopia should not lose its position to be the cradle for Africa which came about because the country was able to resist colonisation,” he said.

Ethiopia and Zimbabwe have several things in common,among them the need to find African solutions to African problems.

They also agree on the funding of peace operations on the continent using resources from Africa, as there is a danger in allowing foreigners in meddling in the continent’s political and security architectures .

With that in perspective,the two leaders could have also looked at the broad spectrum of their bilateral and multilateral relations on the sidelines of the ongoing AU Summit.

In the 1970s , several cadres’ revolutionary parties fighting to dislodge white colonial domination in countries in Southern Africa got support from countries such as Ethiopia and it is in Ethiopia that Zimbabwe got her first pilot trained hence the relationship has grown over the years.

The President also met Mikhael Bogdanov, who is the Special Representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the African Union at Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, this Sunday afternoon.

“The Russian Envoy is persuading Zimbabwe to support the bid by the Russian Federation to host the next World Expo and i have assured him that Zimbabwe will support the bid,he said.