ZILIWACO in Midlands province for mobilisation drive

By Tafara Chikumira

THE Zimbabwe Liberation War Collaborators Association (ZILIWACO) took its mobilisation drive to the Midlands province this Thursday, as veterans of the liberation struggle put their foot on the pedal ahead of the 2023 elections.

Hundreds of ZILIWACO members from across the Midlands province thronged the convention centre in Gweru for the association’s mass mobilisation exercise currently underway across the country.

The ZILIWACO leadership urged members to rally behind the ruling Zanu PF party led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa by recruiting youths to be part of the revolutionary movement.

“We need to find solace that for the first time in many years the President has finally given us the light to be vetted,” said Cde Josephine Gandiya, ZILIWACO Vice-Chairperson.

“We need to thank him through a mass mobilisation drive in our communities. Let’s target those youths. Drugs are killing a whole generation. Drugs are meant to destroy the continent.

“It is warfare. The country is dying because of drugs. It’s a cold war that has been unleashed on Africa. Let’s get them and ensure that they are on our side to preserve the gains we have made so far.”

The association’s leadership also took the opportunity to clarify why some members failed the vetting process, saying the country’s leadership is revisiting the issue.

About 41 000 war collaborators are yet to be vetted in the ongoing exercise which will culminate in the members getting compensation for their sacrifice during the liberation struggle.